Langham Auckland to Hit Platinum

The Langham Auckland could receive the prestigious EarthCheck Platinum level of certification within the year if it passes the next audit process.

EarthCheck is the world’s leading environmental management and professional services group for the tourism and travel industry.

The Langham Auckland begun its sustainability journey with EarthCheck in 2006. Now, 10 years on, the hotel must prove it still complies with the strict EarthCheck certification standards to maintain its current gold status and achieve platinum.

In addition, the hotel was awarded the 2015 New Zealand Hotel Industry Environmental Initiative Award and more recently, it also became a silver member of the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program, which helps travellers around the world plan ecologically responsible trips by identifying hotels engaging in environmentally-friendly practices.

TripAdvisor GreenLeaders properties also have to meet a set of environmental standards developed for TripAdvisor by a leading environmental consulting firm, with input from expert partners. The more green practices a hotel has in place, the higher its GreenLeader level, which is shown on the property’s listing on the TripAdvisor site.

Managing Director Franz Mascarenhas is delighted the five-star hotel has been acknowledged by these internationally recognised organisations as a sustainable leader in New Zealand.

“Being recognised by such prestigious organisations has helped reinforce the position of The Langham Auckland as being a national – and international – leader in sustainability. We are honoured to have been awarded these very important awards.”

Sustainability is a way of life for the Langham Hospitality Group (LHG). Through its CONNECT program, the parent company aims to strike a balance between continuous business development, environmental protection, and fostering employee relationships and community welfare.

Each year, The Langham Auckland submits 12 months of operational data to EarthCheck, to be benchmarked against industry Best Practice. A number of key indicators are measured including energy consumption, total waste production, and community commitment.

“Achieving EarthCheck Gold Certification is not an easy task to achieve,” explains EarthCheck CEO Stewart Moore. “There are no short cuts, no ways to buy your way in; it’s a matter of being able to prove the integrity of an organisation’s operational practices year-in and year-out, and then be willing to have everything verified by an independent, third party auditor.”

By taking a scientific approach to measuring the effectiveness of their sustainability practices, The Langham Auckland’s dedicated staff were able to identify where they were out-performing others and where room for improvement remained.

“This requires a commitment across all levels of an organisation, from the very top, all the way through to part-time staff and even volunteers,” Moore says.

For economies reliant on travel and tourism, EarthCheck’s benchmarking data provides the only historical record of the global environmental impacts of the industry over the past 15 years. More importantly, it rates the effectiveness of industry efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) and conserve natural resources at a project-by-project level.



Veronica Johnston
Marketing Communications Manager
The Langham, Auckland
Tel: 64 (9) 300 2817 / (64) 275 476 335