Rewards Programme

takethelead membership rewards

takethelead offers company based membership through special invitation or online enrollment . All members can earn rewards for their meetings or events placed at our participating properties.

For the event with qualified spending exceeds US$6,500, member can choose to earn hotel rewards which includes luxurious accommodation, sumptuous fine dining, body and soul rejuvenation with our compliments.

Or member may choose to earn miles from any of our selected frequent flyer / travel and lifestyle rewards programme partners below. For every US$1 spent, the nominated employee of your company will earn 1 mile in return, up to a maximum of 25,000 miles per event.

Hotel Rewards
(Accommodation/ Food & Beverage/ Spa)

Spending (USD) Room Night 1   Food and Beverage/ Spa Voucher 2
Value (USD) Up to
 50,000 or above 5    1000
 40,000 - 49,999 4    750
 30,000 - 39,999 3  OR  500
 20,000 - 29,999 2    300
 10,000 - 19,999 1    150
 6,500 - 9,999 0    100

1 Entry level room category
2 Reward value may vary upon actualisation due to exchange rate or fluctuations in listed prices

Miles Reward
US$1 = 1 MILE


Applicable MICE products and services for earning rewards include meeting room rental, catering and guestroom spending.


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