Sheridyn And Chris

Saturday 9th of July 2011 - Alto
Kane Jarrod Photography

Our story
We met on a Friday night in August 2008 at a pub in Fitzroy. We'd met very briefly before that, through a mutual friend, but had never really spoken. We first spoke to one another properly at my birthday a couple of weeks later. Following this night, we went out on a couple of dates together, but things didn’t work out. About 6 months later, in April 2009, we met up again as friends. There was still some chemistry between us, so we decided to go out on a couple more dates. Once more, things didn’t go as planned and we decided to part ways again… Until almost a year later when, on Valentine’s Day 2010, Chris left a single red rose and a very thoughtful card on my doorstep. My immediate reaction was to decline Chris’ advances, but upon some contemplation over the next few weeks, I decided to meet up with him and see what each of us was feeling. This time things were somehow different and that became the start of a whirlwind romance!

Just over a year after that fateful Valentine’s Day, we enjoyed an overnight stay at the Stamford Plaza in Melbourne and Chris surprised me by proposing. Obviously I was thrilled and we began to plan our wedding day.

Neither of us was interested in a long engagement, and settled upon on a date just 5 months into the future- 9th July, 2011.

We chose the Langham as we wanted somewhere central and relaxed where we could hold the entire day’s celebrations in one location. The interior of the Langham offers a gracious setting with its marble foyer, staircase and fountains. Neither of us is particularly religious, but we wanted a ceremony that could retain a lot of the traditional elements of weddings. We also wanted somewhere with a view over a city we love, held inside to keep people warm. We wanted a venue that would look spectacular on a cold, dark, winter’s evening.

Our experience 
Every aspect of our experience was incredible. We were kept informed of every development during the planning process and were never made to feel as though any question or communication wasn’t welcome. Everything from the food, the service, the beauty of the hotel, and the luxury of the rooms were beyond our expectations. From the moment our guests and we arrived at the lobby, to the moment we departed, every person we came into contact with at the hotel went above and beyond to satisfy us. The truest indication of the day’s success was our guests’ overwhelming praise of the occasion, and of the venue and the venue staff.

We would like to thank Zayna Fratto and Emma Kinch for all the help and support they provided to make our wedding day the best day of our lives. We would also like to thank Dashana for his attentiveness and calm demeanor throughout the entire day, but particularly during the reception, where he ensured every aspect of the evening was just as we had hoped.

We hope to be back at the Langham celebrating our One Year wedding anniversary soon!

Advice for Future Couples
Throughout the planning process and on your wedding day, don’t forget what the occasion is all about. Ensure you make time to be together and to enjoy each other’s company- after all, this is the first day of the rest of your lives together!

We decided from the very beginning that we were going to make our reception the type of party we wanted to be at, a celebration of us as a couple. We sat together at a table for two, going against the tradition of a bridal table. This was one of the best decisions we made as it allowed us some privacy during meal times and an opportunity to actually eat the delicious food we had selected!

Finally, be as prepared as you can prior to the wedding day, then just let it all happen and let someone else deal with any little ‘issues’ that pop up.

Other Comments 
This was the best day of our lives and we’re very glad we chose The Langham. If we were to have our day again, we wouldn’t change a single thing. Thank you to everyone at the Langham who had something to do with our wedding day. We will never forget the way we were made to feel – in fact, by the time we left the Langham the day after our wedding, the Langham felt like home.