The Langham, Melbourne Celebrates 21 Wonderful Years Of Service Of Laurie The Doorman

November 2017... Laurie is not your ordinary hotel employee. He comes to work at 5am for a 6:30am start with a big smile on his face to greet guests at The Langham, Melbourne’s grand entrance. He is consistently cheerful, courteous, inquisitive and always smiling. He has been The Langham, Melbourne’s much cherished doorman for 21 years. However, Laurie is retiring at the end of the year at the age of 66.

Laurie the Doorman, a moniker given to him by both colleagues and guests, started when his photo with Bill Clinton was published in a newspaper when the former US president visited the hotel in 2011.

The Langham, Melbourne is now actively searching for a replacement for Laurie. Applicants must have an upbeat, can-do attitude, be friendly and able to work outdoors in Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. The Langham, Melbourne is regarded as a reputable employer and has a strong track record of staff retention.

“To replace Laurie will be difficult as he such as an integral member of The Langham family. However, we are optimistic that there is a like-minded individual who will step into Laurie’s role and become a much-loved team member admired by guests and staff alike, just like Laurie,” adds The Langham, Melbourne’s Managing Director, Ben Sington.

In celebration of Laurie’s 21 years of dedicated service, here are 21 interesting things to know about Laurie.

1. Laurie is originally from Malta and lived in the United States for three years before moving to Australia in 1982 where he first worked as a personal chauffeur for five years.

2. He started working at the age of 15 to help his parents support their family in Malta.

3. He has also worked as a kitchen hand, barista and eventually became a bar manager in 1995 in a local pub in regional Victoria.

4. He is a huge fan of Elvis Presley who happened to be born in the same year as him (1952). His favourite song is Hound Dog.

5. He inherited his love for hospitality from his family. His four brothers and father worked in local hotels in Malta. His father worked in the same hotel for 35 years.

6. His normal work routine is to arrive at 5am and have a cup of tea while reading the daily newspapers.

7. Laurie is a die-hard Manchester United fan, and

8. He is also a card-carrying Kangaroo club fan! His most unforgettable moments at The Langham, Melbourne are:

9. When he had a chat and photo taken with former US president Bill Clinton and his photo with him was featured in most broadsheets including The Australian in 2011.

10. His encounter with Elton John in the early 1990’s and when they talked about the singer’s inspirations for his songs.

11. He met Andy Gibb of the Bee Gees and the singer opened up to him about the loss of his brother and gave Laurie and his wife front row seats at his concert in Melbourne in 2013. Laurie considers this as one of the highlights of his life especially when Andy told him that he had made Andy’s day.

12. Laurie’s proudest moment is working at The Langham, Melbourne and meeting an amazing group of people through the years.

13. He said he had no plans of staying long at The Langham, Melbourne but the people within the company and the conversations he had with guests made him stay.

14. Laurie loves to listen to guests’ stories – from as simple as how their flight experience to Melbourne was to their most personal stories. He believes that conversations with people are important and everyone has a story to tell.

15. Laurie has a strong work ethic and he believes that whatever you do is a testament of what you are as a person.

16. He treats all guests like family members.

17. His tip for fellow hotel employees is to always use the guest’s name if possible. He says it makes every guest encounter more memorable.

18. He has looked forward to coming to work every day for the past 21 years. He thinks of The Langham, Melbourne as more than a job, he considers it his second home.

19. Laurie values truthfulness and genuine relationships with people. Whatever he does, he does it from the heart.

20. He loves to talk!

21. Laurie loves the unpredictability of life and the excitement it brings and that’s why he is ready to see what the future holds for him upon his retirement.

There is no doubt that Laurie will be missed by guests and staff alike.


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