The Langham Huntington, Pasadena Announces Exclusive Partnership With Renowned “Tao of Wellness Pasadena” Acupuncture Center founded by Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Chuan Spa is Unveiling New and Exclusive Treatments Based on Five Elements Body Type, Focusing on Age Management, Women's Health, Fertility and Orthopedics.

PASADENA, Calif. – June 4, 2015 – Chuan Spa at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena is excited to launch an exclusive partnership with Tao of Wellness Pasadena acupuncture center, one of the oldest Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health centers in the U.S. Beginning Saturday, June 27, Chuan Spa guests are invited to experience unique treatments specializing in age management, women's health, fertility and orthopedics, and participate in wellness workshops and lectures.

“Chuan Spa is the only global spa brand based on Traditional Chinese Medicine,” said Nichole Hester, Director of Spa and Business Development. “We are thrilled to partner with Tao of Wellness Pasadena, awarded ‘Best of the Best’ by Doctor Oz and ‘The Best Acupuncturist’ by Los Angeles Magazine, which will provide our guests with authentic Chinese Medical services ranging from acupuncture and nutritional counseling to herbal therapy and meditation.”

The collaboration with Tao of Wellness Pasadena will elevate the current offerings at Chuan Spa Pasadena, already known as a destination spa providing both cutting-edge facial technologies and indulgent rituals grounded in ancient modality, located just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood and recently named Best Spa by LA Weekly. The new TCM treatment menu will feature the following services:

Initial TCM Consultation / Evaluation (30 min)
During the initial consultation, a Tao of Wellness Pasadena practitioner will evaluate a patient using unique diagnostic techniques such as tongue and face mapping, pulse reading, physical palpation and medical history to arrive at a TCM diagnosis and Five Elemental Type and then present a treatment plan along with general diet guidance.

Nutritional Consultations (30 min)
The Nutritional Consultation is a comprehensive program that provides a customized diet plan and nutritional supplement plan according to the patient’s TCM diagnosis and Five Element body type.

Follow-Up TCM Consultation / Evaluation (15 min)

The Follow-Up consultation is optional and is aimed at ensuring that the patient stays on track with his or her treatment protocol to ensure a positive outcome.

Acupuncture (30 minutes)
Acupuncture is a gentle treatment modality using very fine disposable needles to activate energy (Qi) flow within the body’s meridians to facilitate healing, maintain health and prevent disease. It is one of the oldest healing techniques in the world.

Chinese Herbal Therapy
At Tao of Wellness Pasadena Chinese herbal therapy is practiced in a highly personalized way for each patient. A formula of 12 – 15 herbs selected from a 400-herb apothecary collection is prescribed depending on each person’s individual needs and according to his or her Five Elemental type. Your Chinese herbs is available in convenient capsule and powder forms as well as in dried roots, leaves, and flowers to be brewed into a tea at home.

Mind-Body Exercise & Meditation Private Sessions (30 minutes)
Mind-Body Exercise & Meditation draw from practices of the ancient Taoist masters who dwelled in high mountains of China far away from the stressful city life. These one-on-one sessions include Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation instructions that provide a faster way for patients to experience more abundant Qi – vitality, greater clarity and inner peace.

Langham Hospitality Group opened its first Chuan Spa at The Langham, Hong Kong in 2008 – it now operates at eight different Langham Hospitality properties around the world, the latest of which is The Langham Huntington, Pasadena. Chuan Spa was named Best Luxury Spa Group by the World Luxury Hotel Awards and is recognized for its TCM values and its focus on the Five Elements Body Types of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The new Chuan Spa at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena takes Chuan’s existing reputation up a notch, offering a range of skincare and beauty rituals that aren’t currently offered anywhere else in the hotel spa world.
For additional information or to book an appointment, dial (626) 585-6414.

About Tao of Wellness Pasadena
Tao of Wellness is one of the oldest TCM health centers in the United States and is renowned for its successes in age management, women's health, fertility and orthopedics. It was awarded the “Best of the Best” by Doctor Oz and “The Best Acupuncturists” by Los Angeles Magazine. The secret to their clinical success lies with an excellent team of doctors. At the Tao of Wellness, the objective is to establish a respectful and trusting partnership between doctor and patient. An essential part of this partnership is the education of their patients. In this way, patients are empowered and inspired to have the confidence to make life-style changes that will promote healing. The doctors of Tao of Wellness have completed advanced fellowships in addition to their Doctorate degrees from the highly respected TCM medical school -Yo San University in Los Angeles, also founded by the creators of Tao of Wellness.


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