Influencer Insight: Family-Friendly Quarantine Activities

Influencer Insight is a segment where we speak with a local Boston influencer who is an expert on a certain topic—this month we chatted with one of our favorite local bloggers, @Domestikateblog, on some fun kid-friendly activities to pass the time at home.

This is a difficult time for all of us. With quarantines and shut downs in place, our first and foremost hope is that everyone in our community is safe and healthy and that especially goes for our medical professionals who are out there on the front lines. From everyone at The Langham, Boston we are thankful for your diligent work and sacrifice!

While times are tough all around us, we still believe that it is possible to celebrate the everyday. We believe that the silver lining to our current situation is that families around the globe are getting more time together than they ever have. We spoke with one of our favorite lifestyle bloggers,  Kate Bowler of the blog, about some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of our time at home and she shared with us some of her favorite kid-friendly activities.

1). Snack Beautifully

As I’m sure you have all noticed, more time at home often means more snacking. But thanks to Kate we can do so both mindfully and beautifully. Kate is famous for her picture perfect “grazing boards” and her kid-friendly variation is just the inspiration we all need right now. With heart shaped fruit and flower-shaped cheese and some crunchy goodies, this is certainly a blogger-approved version of snack time. Kate starts her snack boards by first a finding “few small vessels to hold ingredients that need to be contained, like granola, grapes and mixed berries.” Then she uses tiny cookie cutters in cute shapes to stamp out cheese and fruit into enticing little bites. And then it’s just time to assemble the board however you please. Kate recommends placing the larger items on the board first and then filling in with the smaller ones.

2). Order Some Craft Kits

As all parents know, you have to choose your battles. And when it comes to entertaining the kids at home for long periods of time, it’s ok to leave some of the creativity to the professionals. Kate is a fan of the brand “Kid Made Modern” and their “Craft Kits.” Available on Amazon, these kits come in a wide variety. So whether your children are interested in coloring, building, making jewelry or just about anything else, they have a readymade kit for you. Priced in the $15-$40 range, there are lots of options and the best part is they come with everything you need for an afternoon’s activity.

3). Get Active

As the weather starts to warm up in the Northeast, hopefully we will all be able to get some time outdoors while still safely social distancing. While it is important to remain vigilant of maintaining the recommended social distance from people not in your immediate family, a nice walk around the neighborhood or some jump rope in the backyard are easy ways to get the blood flowing. And Kate gave us another fun recommendation for adding a new activity to the backyard repertoire—chalk! Such a simple thing can create hours of fun. From hopscotch to more freewheeling shapes, kids will find a way to turn any chalk drawing into an obstacle course to run and hop through with a little guidance. Let their imaginations run wild.

It was a pleasure speaking with our friend Kate Bowler about all the ways to keep our families occupied during these difficult times at home! For more on Kate head to and for the latest information on the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines please visit