Where to Dine in Boston For Chinese New Year

If you caught our last post, you know that Chinese New Year is here and that it is the Year of the Rat. In Chinese culture, the rat symbolizes new beginnings so kick off 2020 with some fun and festive Chinese New Year activities. Boston’s Chinese New Year parade takes place on February 2nd, so after watching the parade you’ll probably be in the mood for some delicious food. Here are a few places worth checking out during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Double Chin

This trendy eatery on Harrison Avenue always serves up delicious, Instagram worthy dishes. But they are really pulling out all the stops for Chinese New Year. Be sure to stop in for their Double Chinwich and the Lobster Mac n’ Cheese. And no matter what, you have to save room for dessert. Try their famous Cube Toast if you still haven’t had it! Double Chin is only a 12-minute walk from The Langham, Boston so whether you are a local or new to town, this cool spot in the heart of Boston is a great place to eat this time of year. Visit them online at http://www.doublechinbos.com.

(Image Credit: J.Q. Louise)

Hong Kong Eatery

If you really want to get into the Langham spirit for the celebrations this year, head to Hong Kong Eatery for a big bowl of Hong Kong style wonton noodle soup with whatever toppings you wish. Their classic Hong Kong wonton noodle soup comes with baby bok choy, but you can add BBQ pork or roast duck, among lots of other things to make the bowl that much heartier. Trust us, a warm bowl of soup is exactly what will warm you up after braving the cold to watch the parade on February 2nd! Head to http://www.hongkongeatery.com for more information.

(Image Credit: J.Q. Louise)

Dumpling Café

Who doesn’t like dumplings? Dumpling Café on Washington Street serves up lots of steaming hot dumplings all year round. When you visit don’t miss their mini juicy dumplings or the Taiwan styled pan-fried dumplings. Chef Peter Wang also makes his dumpling available for sale to take home! You can bring home a bag of fresh or frozen dumplings so you can enjoy them at home for your very own New Year’s celebration. Visit their website for more information http://www.dumplingcafe.com.

(Image Credit: Dumpling Café)


Shojo is an Asian fusion hotspot in Chinatown, located right in the heart of the action on Tyler Street. Shojo changes up their menu often, focusing on seasonal, ingredients and fresh takes on old classics. Chef Mike Stark takes inspiration from Chinatown and creates his dishes based on where he wants to see the neighborhood food scene in the future. The connection to the past and the dedication to the present makes any visit to Shojo a lot of fun. You can’t go wrong with their menu but be sure to check out the cocktail list as well, they are doing some fun things in that domain too. Check out https://www.shojoboston.com for reservations and menus. 

(Image Credit: J.Q. Louise)

Cha Time

Finally, after you are stuffed from one of these fabulous restaurants, head to Cha Time on Harrison Ave for a refreshing bubble tea. It’s the perfect treat to sip on as you continue to explore Boston!  Head to https://chatime.com to find all their local locations.

(Image Credit: Cha Time)