The Langham, Chicago


As the heart of the community, all of us at The Langham, Chicago are taking every step we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our city, our guests, and our employees. As we continue to remain vigilant and implement stringent measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the health of all our guests and colleagues remains, as always, our top priority.

With that in mind, when you arrive in Chicago, please be mindful and avoid crowds and any health risks as guided by local authorities. At this time, we are unable to accommodate anyone who has been overseas or traveling from US states experiencing a surge in new COVID-19 cases, within 14 days of check-in date. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

Please review our wellness protocol prior to arrival. If you answer, “No,” to any of the listed statements, we request you reschedule your visit to The Langham, Chicago.

During the last fourteen days . . .

  • I have not been in close contact with, or cared for someone, diagnosed with COVID 19.
  • No one in my household or workplace (including myself) has experienced COVID-19 symptoms such as a fever, cough, sore throat, or difficulty breathing.
  • I have not had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.
  • I am in good health and do not have COVID-19.

During your visit, you will notice a variety of enhanced safety protocols that may result in minor delays. We appreciate your patience as we balance colleague and guest wellness needs against a delightful hotel experience.

Please contact us at (312) 923-9988 if you have questions or require additional information.


Post-Covid Protocols




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Current social distancing protocols recommend individuals maintain a distance of six feet between each other. The Langham, Chicago currently abides by this six foot recommendation. The manner in which this applies to various departments is addressed throughout this document.

In areas where guests may be required to queue, visible designations are in place (i.e. stanchions, floor adhesive, lighting). The following areas may be impacted: check-in, check-out, elevator landings, Travelle and the main hotel entrance.




Free-standing automated hand sanitizers are placed in public areas of the hotel, and each elevator landing is equipped with hand sanitizer so guests entering and exiting elevators may use them at their convenience. Hand sanitizer is available in each meeting room, at Travelle restaurant’s host stand, the front desk and Chuan Spa reception.


Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the heart-of-house as well as in each department. 



Prior to resuming hotel operations on July 10, Renue Systems sanitized all areas of The Langham, Chicago. Thereafter, the following practices will be in place.

High-touch areas throughout the front-of-house and heart-of-house will be cleaned on an hourly basis with verification via a checklist. Front-of-house high-touch areas include, but are not limited to, the hotel entrance/exit, door handles, elevator buttons, bell carts, counters, table tops, public area furniture, meeting room doors, lounge areas, restrooms, host stand, restaurants, telephones, card swipes, room keys, exterior benches and trash bins.

Heart-of-house high-touch areas include elevator buttons, door handles, locker rooms, restrooms, cafeteria, vending machine, time clocks, counters, equipment, radios and telephones.
Wheelchairs, high chairs, check presenters, menus, bell carts, private dining tables, wine buckets, pens and guestroom keys will be sanitized after each use.



Front-of-house signage advising guests of social distancing, hygiene recommendations, sanitation guidelines and proper use of PPE are visible throughout the hotel.

The heart-of-house currently has signage regarding hand sanitation, physical distancing expectations, PPE usage and timely information regarding relevant COVID-19 protocols. A pre-printed single-use card is placed in all guestrooms advising visitors of local COVID-19 guidelines.



The Langham, Chicago works with Ecolab who provides cleaning products that meet FDA and EPA approval. These products are approved for use against viruses and bacteria—effectively killing 99.9% of such germs.

The Langham, Chicago uses a Victory Electrostatic Sprayer to disinfect guest rooms and public areas each day, and meeting rooms after each use.

An Air Purification System is installed in each guest elevator. Ultraviolet light irradiation and negative ions result in dust reduction and sterilization. The purification efficiency and sterilization/disinfection of this air purification system is equal to, or greater than, 99%.


6. PPE

Personal protective equipment such as gowns, gloves and masks have been purchased and will be used by pertinent departments (front services, culinary, banquets, stewarding, housekeeping and engineering) in the hotel. SOPs are updated on an ongoing basis in alignment with changing federal and local health and governmental guidelines. Hand sanitizer and face masks are available upon request.

PPE is stored in housekeeping and may be accessed by individual colleagues. No more than one individual is allowed access at one time.



The Langham, Chicago draws in 100.0% of outside air into guestrooms which is then exhausted. There is no return fan to mix with the fresh air being introduced.

A manual override system allows for fresh air to be re-introduced into event space. Such air is confined to individual meeting rooms and is not shared with other spaces.



Colleagues have been encouraged to take their temperature at home on a daily basis and to remain at home if they feel ill or develop a fever. Departmental managers and division heads monitor the visible health of colleagues during daily line-ups and advise human resources if action needs to be taken. In the event a colleague becomes ill, he is advised to seek medical attention and asked to leave the hotel. Human Resources and Security and Safety work in tandem to ensure proper protocols are adhered to.

If a colleague tests positive for COVID-19, a doctor’s note, releasing him from care must be presented upon the employee returning to work.

In order to further protect the health of colleagues and guests, all visitors to the hotel (including colleagues, guests, third-party vendors, etc.) will be required to have their temperature screened upon arrival.

Only one (of three) hotel guest entrance/exit will be accessible to ensure each entering guest receives a temperature check. If the temperature reading exceeds 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit, the visitor will be moved to a designated space to call for medical assistance. Guests who test positive for a fever will be unable to check-in or use the hotel’s services.

Upon check-in, hotel guests will be asked to confirm alignment with a health declaration.



The Director of Wellness, Training and Quality provides colleagues with instruction in handwashing techniques, the proper way to put on/take off/dispose of PPE, sanitizing high-touch areas, etc. This information is reiterated by departmental supervisors and managers in daily pre-shift meetings.

Third party vendors provide user training for specialized materials and equipment such as disinfectants and hand sanitizing wands. The Directors of Housekeeping and Engineering monitor use daily to ensure proper protocols are followed.



Hotel Arrival

Upon a guest’s arrival at the hotel, the doorman will put on gloves, open the vehicle door, remove the luggage from the car and escort the arriving guest through the hotel entrance. The doorman will remove and discard the gloves to avoid cross-contamination.

Front Desk

In order to better monitor hotel arrivals, one of three hotel entrances will be accessible, and the front desk will be temporarily relocated to the ground floor level—allowing for controlled monitoring of arriving visitors for health checks.

The entry door will be cleaned every fifteen minutes and the hotel staff will manage queues to ensure physical distancing parameters are followed.

During the check-in process, the number of guestroom occupants will be verified to ensure all occupants have a face mask. Laundry preferences (sustainable or traditional bed linen treatment), housekeeping and turndown service, mini bar replenishment and food and beverage delivery preferences will be confirmed.

After the check-in process is complete, the front desk agent will sanitize all touch points, in preparation for the next checkin. Key access will be required to gain access to public area and guestroom floors.

Guests will have access to hand sanitizer upon entering the hotel, at the front desk and on the elevator landing of their guestroom floor. If accompanied to the room by a bellman, the luggage will be transferred to the guest after the bellman disinfects the luggage handles.

Guestroom assignments will be made to restrict the number of occupied rooms per floor to minimize guest contact.

Guests will be encouraged to use express check-out from their room; however, traditional check-out will be available at the front desk.

As a precautionary measure to help avert the spread of COVID-19 and to provide the safest environment for the hotel’s guests and colleagues. The hotel will not be accepting guests that plan to be in self-isolation.

The Langham Club

The same protocol (in place at the front desk) will be followed for arriving Club guests; however, food and beverage items in the Club Lounge will be served by a Club attendant.

Club butlers will wear gloves and a face mask for food and beverage service and discard gloves accordingly to eliminate cross-contamination.


Upon arrival at the front desk, the guest service agent will confirm the number of room occupants and arrange for hand sanitizer and a face mask to be delivered, if requested. A COVID-19 single-use card will be placed in the room, outlining local regulations specific to Chicago.

A room sanitizing kit will be available, upon request, in housekeeping, for guests who prefer that no one enter their room during their hotel stay.

Reusable collateral and magazine publications will be removed from guestrooms. A single-use room orientation sheet is available for guests who prefer to waive luggage assistance. Pertinent materials contained in the hotel compendium (i.e. Private Kitchen menus) are available, via a QR code, in a digital format.


Linens will be bagged and deposited in the laundry bin in the secured heart-of-house elevator landing, and a housekeeping attendant will clean the room. Once the room has been cleaned and inspected, the room will be sanitized using a Victory Electrostatic Sprayer which eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria and germs. The guestroom will be sealed with a logo’d sticker ensuring quality and sanitation check.

If the hotel learns a guestroom was occupied by someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the room will be placed out of service until the case has been confirmed or cleared. Upon such confirmation, the room will be sanitized by Renue Systems, a specialized third party.


Once the refreshment center has been cleaned and stocked, an adhesive will be placed across the opening so the guest has a sense of security that no one has had access to the mini-bar.

Restaurant and Lounge

Hosts and managers will manage physical distancing if guests are unable to be seated upon arrival.

Restaurant table configurations have been adjusted to allow for a minimum of six feet of separation between parties. Communal lounge seating and bar stools have been removed to allow for physical distancing.

Guests will have the option to review menus in a traditional hard copy, or digital, format, based on their presonal preference.

Private Kitchen

Upon placing their order, guests will have the option of contactless delivery (trolley left in the guestroom corridor) or in-room delivery.

If the guest prefers contactless delivery, he will be advised when the food is placed outside the guestroom door with plate covers in place. The guest will retrieve their table.

If the guest prefers in-room service, the server will deliver the food, put on a new pair of gloves, serve the food to the guest and remove the gloves at the end of the experience to avoid cross-contamination.

Guests will be advised to place their trolley in the hallway, at the conclusion of their meal, and contact Private Kitchen for trolley removal.

Chuan Spa & Health Club

Chuan Spa and Health Club will open 45 to 60 days after the hotel resumes operations. Health and wellness protocols will be aligned with local agency recommendations which have not yet been received. Weight and cardio equipment will be positioned to allow for proper physical distancing. Spa attendants will sanitize all areas of Chuan Spa and Health Club on an hourly basis and confirm completion via a checklist.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool will open 45 to 60 days after the hotel resumes operations. Lounge furniture has been re-arranged according to local social distancing recommendations and will be sanitized after each use. High-touch areas will be sanitized hourly.

Catering and Banquets

Banquet servers will wear gloves as they set the individual settings. The gloves will be disposed of upon completion of the meeting room set-up to avoid cross-contamination. Each setting will include hand sanitizing wipes, individually wrapped mints and a pen.

Individually-plated food and beverage items will be encouraged. Traditional buffets and self-serve style events will be re-purposed to allow for banquet servers to individually serve guests—providing them with utensils, porcelain and food and beverage items. Attendees will not be allowed to serve themselves.

The ability to have buffet and self-service style events will be in alignment with local guidelines and will incorporate physical distancing guidelines and revised event capacities. A variety of pre-packaged items will be available.

Coffee, morning and afternoon breaks will be attended to, and served, by a banquet server. Attendees will not be allowed to serve themselves.

Sales and Conference Services

Meeting room capacities have been adjusted to align with local social distancing guidelines. Revised capacity charts and diagrams are available—taking into account 4’ and 6’ physical distancing guidelines for group and catering clients.

Site inspections are conducted virtually and meetings are held via video conferencing.

Business Services/ Center

Colleagues who conduct business services will practice social distancing as they use separate counter space to eliminate the use of shared equipment. The business center area will be sanitized, at a minimum, once per hour. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available in all business service locations.

Print publications such as magazines and newspapers will not be available in the hotel; however, guests will have complimentary access to PressReader.

Contactless delivery of guest packages will be deployed throughout the property. The guest will be contacted when the package has been delivered to the room, and the delivery person will stand six feet away from the door to ensure the guest receives the package.


Colleagues continue to be reminded of physical distancing requirements in pre-shift meetings and ongoing training sessions. Seating has been reconfigured where applicable (i.e. colleague cafeteria) and work stations are being re-configured to align with physical distancing guidelines. Cafeteria food offerings have been restricted to pre-packaged items until further notice.

High-traffic and high-touch areas such as locker rooms, the employee cafeteria, restrooms, offices, kitchens and equipment will be sanitized on an hourly basis. The person who conducts cleanings will initial a checklist to confirm completion of these tasks.

At the start and conclusion of each shift, work stations, keyboards, telephones, writing utensils and desk equipment will be sanitized. Shared equipment will be sanitized each time it is transferred to another colleague for use.



Front Office

  • Guest touchpoints will be sanitized at the conclusion of each guest interaction
  • Room keys will be sanitized upon receipt and prior to distribution
  • Offices and registration desks will be deep-cleaned and sanitized prior to each shift change
  • Keyboards, telephones, card readers and office supplies will be sanitized at the beginning of each shift
  • Guests will be advised of the option to use express check-out


  • Carts, trolleys, vacuum cleaners and equipment will be sanitized at the start and end of each shift
  • Uniform retrieval will be conducted on a one-on-one basis
  • Pillow protectors on the guestroom beds will be changed daily
  • Heart-of-house restrooms will be sanitized in accordance with a pre-determined cleaning schedule
  • Heart-of-house locker rooms will be sanitized according to a pre-determined cleaning schedule
  • Detailed attention will be given to the following guestroom areas:

    • Bathroom, vanities, cabinets, hardware, fixtures, mirrors
    • Desks, telephones, remote controls
    • Tabletops, furniture, Cellarettes
    • Thermostats, light controls
  • Extra pillows and blankets will be available through housekeeping, upon request
  • Bed linens will be changed on a daily basis, unless a guest expresses an alternate desire
  • A Victory Electrostatic Sprayer will be used daily to sanitize the guestroom

Food and Beverage - Restaurant, Afternoon Tea, Lounge

  • Host podium and applicable equipment will be sanitized on an hourly basis
  • Service stations, service/beverage carts will be sanitized on an hourly basis
  • Table tops, bar counters, stools and chairs will be sanitized after each use
  • POS terminals will be assigned to a single user, where possible, and sanitized after each shift
  • Where multiple users have access to POS terminals, user will use hand sanitizer following each interaction
  • Colleagues will be assigned a stylus pen (as part of their uniform) for POS and iPad usage
  • Condiments will be presented in single-use containers
  • Check presenters, votives, pens, floral vases and other reusable items will be sanitized after each use, if single-use is not an option
  • Traditional menus will be cleaned/sanitized after each use
  • Digital menu options will be presented, if preferred over a hard version of a menu
  • Trays and tray stands will be sanitized after each use
  • Storage containers will be sanitized before and after each use
  • Food preparation stations will be sanitized at least once each hour
  • Kitchens will be deep cleaned and sanitized after each shift
  • Food and beverage items prepared to be transferred to other employees will use contactless method

Private Kitchen

  • All equipment will be sanitized prior to shift start
  • Colleagues assigned to individual work stations will sanitize their stations and equipment at least once per hour and at the end of each shift
  • A housekeeping attendant will sanitize doors, handles and high contact surfaces at least once per hour
  • PK servers will practice contactless delivery, if requested

Catering and Banquets

  • All equipment will be sanitized prior to shift start
  • Colleagues assigned to individual work stations will sanitize their stations and equipment at least once per hour and at the end of each shift
  • A housekeeping attendant will sanitize doors, handles and high contact surfaces at least once per hour
  • PK servers will practice contactless delivery, if requested
  • Shared equipment and meeting amenities will be sanitized before and after each use
  • If item is unable to be sanitized, it will be a single-use item
  • Linens and underlays will be replaced after each use
  • Clean and soiled linens will be transported in single-use plastic bags into and out of meeting rooms
  • Clients will be encouraged to select pre-plated options
  • Traditional buffets and self-service offerings will be re-purposed and introduced based on local guidelines
  • Additional banquet staff will be assigned to assist with food and beverage service (i.e. stationed during coffee breaks to serve food and beverage offerings)
  • A Victory Electromagnetic Sprayer will be used to sanitize meeting and event spaces



Federal and local health and wellness guidelines continue to evolve as additional information becomes available. The Langham, Chicago will continue to revise this document as updated information is received. If you have questions or require additional information, please let us know, so we can provide you with the details you require.

The Langham, Chicago continues to be committed to the health, wellness and safety of our colleagues and guests and looks forward to providing our guests with a memorable experience.