Renew and Nourish with CBD

Relieve tension and renew your body with Chuan Spa's CBD treatments designed to leave the skin glowing and the mind at peace. The CBD Body Glow is a cleansing scrub that includes the healing elements of CBD, Himalayan Salt, French Grey Sea Salt and Grapeseed Oil. CBD Renew & Nourish is a 120-minute CBD full-body exfoliation and detoxification experience that includes a 50-minute deep-tissue massage with CBD infused massage oil. 

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CBD Body Glow

Skin is buffed and Polished using a beautiful mixture of Himalayan Salt, French Grey Sea Salt, Grapeseed Oil, and CBD.  This combination is both exfoliating and nourishing for the skin, while also fighting free radicals from the environment, protecting the skin from further damage.  All while the CBD works to both relax away stresses, and reinvigorate new skin cells. Leaving the skin glowing, and the mind at peace.

CBD Renew and Nourish

Melt away your day with a unique 120-minute CBD full body experience.  Begin with a luxurious exfoliation treatment with detoxing Himalayan Salts, French Grey Sea Salts, and CBD to renew, nourish and hydrate the skin.  Boost detoxification with a full body anti-aging mask while enjoying a warm CBD oil scalp massage.  Finish this ultimate experience with a 50 minute deep tissue massage with CBD infused massage oil.

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