Gin’finity Journey


Every month, starting from October to March, allow our team to guide you on your Gin’finity journey by focusing on a different product every month.

Offering elegant signature cocktails, and gin and tonic specialties, Artesian has a menu that offers more than 450 different gins. The gins have been selected for their distinct characteristics showcasing the artistry of the distillation process and craftsmanship of the master blenders.

The menu is broken down by four different major flavour profiles offering everyone an approachable entrance into this very versatile beverage. In addition, this vast library of gins is separated into their origins, with gins coming from all corners of the world ranging from Hong Kong to Sweden, England, Mexico, and beyond.

Artesian boasts unique and famous brands such as N.I.P based in Hong Kong, Japanese gin produced at Cambridge Distillery as well as the very unique and exclusive Hernö’s High Coast Terroir Gin made using botanicals from the UNESCO World Heritage Area of the High Coast of Sweden. 

Complementing the expertly made gin infusions, is the bar’s nostalgic romance and old-world charm. The undeniably beautiful décor that is stylish and comfortable creates a true sense of class and this stylishness also makes it one of the most popular gin bars in town.

Limited offer in October - To celebrate the International Gin and Tonic Day, guests can enjoy 50% off on each glass of Plymouth Gin and Tonic cocktail from 18 October to 24 October.

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