Working alongside our partner Encore who have designed a series of meeting formats, equipment packages, and recommendations that address how to reduce risk, increase confidence, and promote health within the meeting space. Meeting design, room layout, traffic flow, technology considerations and enhanced cleaning procedures are at the heart of this offering with the goal to make the meetings and events industry strong, and healthier than ever.

As people return to in-person meetings, smaller groups could potentially fall into three meeting designs.

Design One - One Room

Ideal for a smaller group meeting in a single room at one venue. With physical distancing in mind, screen placement, sound reinforcement, and the ability to connect with others not able to physically attend will be key considerations.

Design Two - Multi-Room, Broadcast Communication

Accommodates large groups that may need to be split into multiple rooms at the same venue. Building to the technology in design one, broadcasting to multiple rooms will be critical and the use of digital tools that support two-way collaboration will add to the experience.

Design Three - Multi-Room/ Multi-Venue, Networked Communication

For events that bring attendees from multiple venues and potentially multiple rooms together. The ability to have several presenters delivering messages to multiple audiences simultaneously will require a suite of technology solutions to make the experience feel as if everyone is meeting together as one.

With the meeting design in mind, room layouts may look different. Incorporating physical distancing and traffic flow will reduce risk and promote health within the meeting environment. Tables and chairs may be paced to meet best practices and foor decals, and other forms of signage may inform attendees on the best way to move through the space to limit contact. Technology equipment will be sized according to the new space with the addition of virtual components as necessary.

As the event space changes, it will be more important than ever to create a space that continues to promote collaboration and engagement while focusing heavily on hygiene. We continue educating our team members on enhanced cleaning procedures. We are doing this to help stop the spread of germs as we strive to build upon our commitment to safety. Tent cards will indicate when equipment has been cleaned, with particular attention to high-touch items such as microphones, keyboards, wireless presenters and markers.

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