Melbourne’s Melba Restaurant Launches Two Month Schedule of World and National Days to Celebrate Diners’ Favourite Foods

June 2018…. In a case of if you can’t beat them, join them, Melba Restaurant has joined the global food movement of celebrating specific foods on certain days.

"We noticed that there was almost a world or national day for so many of our favourite foods that we decided to join in and have a two month line-up of food specific days during the winter months of June and July. Who wouldn’t love a day to satisfy their craving for tapas, sushi, fried chicken, chocolate, fries or lamingtons," observed The Langham, Melbourne’s executive chef, Deepak Mishra. "These special events are the perfect excuse to indulge in your much-loved dishes," adds Mishra.

World Tapas Day -Thursday 14 June - Lunch and Dinner

Guests can feast on Spanish delicacies such as twice-cooked octopus with smoked garlic and Guajillo chilli, meatballs, yellow fin tuna, marinated field mushrooms with char-grilled asparagus spears and more.

International Sushi Day – Monday 18 June – Dinner only

To celebrate International Sushi Day, Melba is taking their sushi station to the next level and introducing eel and avocado deep fried sushi rolls, seven spice tempura prawn inside out roll with yuzu mayonnaise, toro tuna tartare and avocado sushi, miso-marinated toothfish with hajikami ginger and spanner crab sushi with sea urchin and miso sauce.

National Fried Chicken Day – Friday 6 July – Lunch and Dinner

Melba Restaurant’s team of chefs had plenty of fun road-testing fried chicken recipes to ensure National Fried Chicken Day is a finger-licking success filled with the restaurant’s own special blend

of herbs and spices. Fried chicken could arguably be just the culinary antidote to Melbourne’s winter and a modern upgrade to traditional chicken noodle soup.

There will be no less than four different chicken dishes on offer including Southern-style fried chicken, spicy dry-fried chicken curry, grilled chicken wings and fried chicken baos.

National Fries Day Buffet – Friday 13 July – Lunch and Dinner

Diners can ignore any Friday the 13th superstitions and enjoy a well-deserved Fry-Yay instead. From traditional poutine with cheese curds and gravy to hand-cut, thinly sliced batons of fried potato, everyone’s collective craving for fries will be taken care of on National Fries Day, complete with a choice of chipotle sea salt fries, Amarillo mayonnaise and beer-battered fries served with black garlic aioli.

National Macaroni and Cheese Day Buffet – Saturday, 14th July - Lunch and Dinner

It’s been said that macaroni and cheese is one of the ultimate comfort foods. It’s nostalgic, cheesy, filling and Melba Restaurant’s versions will be amped up including a variation with pulled pork in barbeque sauce with cheddar cheese and house-made pimento cheese, a spinach and artichoke macaroni and cheese, one with roasted jalapenos as well as traditional macaroni and cheese.

National Lamington Day Buffet – Saturday 21 July - Lunch and Dinner

It would almost be considered un-Australian to not indulge in one of the country’s best loved treats, the humble lamington. On National Lamington Day, Melba’s pastry chefs will serve five star lamingtons including Belgian chocolate ganache-filled lamingtons with Ghana chocolate nibs, white chocolate and passionfruit lamington and a choice of tart raspberry, citrus-y orange or tangy lemon lamingtons, the chefs have nick-named lemingtons.

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Prices are inclusive of Melba Restaurant’s famous live cooking stations, burger buffet, entrée, main course, cheese station and decadent dessert bar.

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