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The Langham, Melbourne is a five-star hotel offering guests a luxurious and opulent experience. Nonetheless, The Langham is committed to minimising environmental impacts associated with the hotel’s daily operations and improving overall sustainability wherever possible without impacting the luxury of a guest’s stay.

The Langham, Melbourne Environmental Policy commits to:

  • Implementing water saving practices
  • Reducing waste going to landfill by practicing and enhancing in-house recycling programs
  • Reducing energy and resource consumption
  • Selecting products and services for their low environmental impact
  • Training colleagues through the group wide “Green Team” program. The Langham, Melbourne ‘Green Team’ meets regularly to discuss environmental initiatives and to ensure these remain integral to hotel operations.
  • Working with suppliers, clients and guests to develop and implement best practice standards to improve sustainability.

In 2014, The Langham, Melbourne passed requirements to be recognised as an Earthcheck Benchmarked Accommodation Hotel (Silver Certificate) for the fourth year. Earthcheck is the leading worldwide sustainability certification based on internationally accepted documentation. The object of the Earthcheck seal is to introduce and strengthen sustainability and social practices at all levels of management. From the benchmarking data provided, seven indicators, Energy Consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2), Portable Water Consumption, Water Savings Rating, Waste Sent to Landfill, Cleaning Products Rating, and Pesticide Products Rating, are at or above the Best Practice level, which is an achievement to be ‘’very highly commended’’.




The drought in Australia until 2010 challenged us to review every area of water consumption. The improvements we put in place then,  have reduced overall consumption from 81,600 mts3 in 2006 by 18% to 67,000m3 in 2013. Our actions contributed to a Water Savings Rating of 90.3Pts in 2013, 10.3Pts better than Earthcheck Best Practice. These include:

  • The installation of a laundry water recycling system in 2008
  • In 2007, deluxe showerheads were installed in the guest rooms to decrease the flow rate of showers from 18 litres per minute to 9 litres per minute;
  • waterless woks have been installed in Melba restaurant, which serves an average of 575 people per day;
  • The installation of a water harvesting system in the laundry to service the hotels feature fountains and to water the front garden
  • Installing dual flush cisterns in all guest bedrooms.

In 2013 14.7% of our water consumption was from recycled or recaptured water. 




Recent and current projects to control energy include the installation of a new air conditioning chiller unit in late 2013 which has reduced electricity consumption by 8%. The hotel has embarked on a 3 yr plan to change all public and back of house areas to LED lighting.


Waste and Recycling


Our aim is to Recycle, Reuse, Reduce where possible. We send glass, cardboard, plastic & batteries for recycling. By adjusting operating policies, office paper has been reduced from 3818 reams pa in 2010 to 2167 reams pa in 2013.

All Brand stationary is printed on 100% recycled paper. We introduced raw and used food waste recycling in 2011 sending 48 tonnes of food waste for composting which raised our recycling ratio substantially. In 2013 we have introduced a bottle crusher for all empty bottles generated from our bars and restaurants. From 2013 we send all used guest soap bars to the charity SOAP AID www.soadpaid.org which,  through Rotary,  collects the soap, re-processes it and turns it into new bars of recycled soap. It is then re-distributed to where it is most needed in impoverished countries worldwide, and domestic homeless shelters. Our used guest slippers and leftover bathroom amenities are recycled to the Salvation Army. Langham Blissful beds replaced in 2013 were also donated to the Salvation Army. Discarded conference tables have been donated to the Scouts.