Frequently Asked Questions Dog Massage & Policies

What are the benefits of canine massage? 
Dogs benefit from therapeutic massage as much as humans do! Below are some of the key benefits of canine massage:
• Increased circulation and posture
• Deep relaxation and calmness
• Enhanced sleep quality
• Reduced muscle spasm, inflammation and swelling
• Anxiety relief, tension and muscle stiffness
• Improved energy
• A general relaxed state of well-being

Why do I have to be with my dog during the session?
We require that you remain in the guestroom during the duration of your dog’s treatment. Your dog will feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing that you are around. This is a fun opportunity to take a photo or video of your dog being pampered!

What can I expect from my dogs first massage?
Every dog relates to massage in a different way. For some dogs, the first session may cause excitement or some minor anxiety. For the dog’s first session, the Bliss Paws therapist’s goal is to get to know the dog and develop a relationship with he or she before the treatment begins. 

How should I prepare my dog for a massage session?
• Complete the profile form prior to your dog’s treatment. The form can be downloaded: PDF (113KB) 
• Make sure your dog has gone potty before the session. A walk is strongly advised.
• Your dog should not eat a full meal at least two hours prior to the session.
• Schedule a massage at a time when you think your dog will be the most relaxed.

What should I expect after the massage?
Following a massage, your dog will likely need to go potty and will want to drink some water, just like humans! If it’s the dogs first time experiencing a massage, he or she may feel soreness or tenderness the following day.

Can you diagnose an injury or illness?
Only a licensed veterinarian is permitted to diagnose your pet’s injury or illness. Your Bliss Paws therapist will suggest that you meet with a veterinarian if there are any physical issues or concerns during the session.

Doggie Spa Reservations
Spa reservation agents will book treatment times and assist with selecting canine treatments for your doggie. You are encouraged to reserve doggie spa treatments at least one week in advance.

We accept all major credit cards and traveler’s checks. You may also charge doggie spa services to your hotel bill. For your convenience, payment is also accepted prior to treatments, upon request.

Gratuity may be provided at your discretion.

Cancellation Policy
If you must reschedule or cancel your dog’s appointment, please notify us six hours before the scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full service fee.