Winter Retreat

Designed exclusive for cold months, Winter Retreat spa package includes a 60-minute Chuan Stone therapy followed by a Sheroxi TCM facial.

Let your body unwind as the hot stones increase body circulation and assist the immune function by removing waste products. The use of hot stones is integrated into a therapeutic massage.

Sheroxi facial is a powerful repairing facial treatment visibly improves skin congestion, dilated capillaries and redness thanks to its highly effective herbal extracts that soften and soothe the face, reinforcing the skin to combat hypersensitivity and It is a luxury treatment designed to preserve the beauty and health of the skin.

Winter Retreat promotion

60-minute Chuan Stone therapy followed by a Sheroxi TCM facial. 
Individual:RMB 880 Net

Guests can also enjoy the Health Club facilities, indoor swimming pool, either before or after post treatment.



  1. Package is valid until 31st Jan, 2021;
  2. Advance reservations are required;
  3. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions;
  4. Guests must abide by Chuan Spa rules and regulations.


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