From the intimate to the lavish, traditional to the modern, our team of expert planners is dedicated to ensuring your wedding is perfect and uniquely yours.

Hotel's Function Room Name Dimensions (ft x ft) Gross Area (sq ft) Ceiling Height (ft) Reception Capacity Show Details
- - - 130
46ft x 27ft 1242sqft - 100
45ft x 58ft 2610sqft 25 130
- 11500sqft - 800
43ft x 95ft 4085sqft 25 230
85ft x 132ft 11220sqft 17 650
- - - -
Hotel's Function Room Name Dimensions (m x m) Gross Area (sq m) Ceiling Height (ft) Reception Capacity Show Details
- - - 130
14m x 8m 115sqm - 100
14m x 18m 242sqm 8 130
- 1068sqm - 800
13m x 30m 378sqm 8 230
26m x 37m 1042sqm 5 650
- - - -

The Japanese Garden

  • Seating For Up to 130 Guests
  • Offered in Conjunction with: Georgian Ballroom
  • Imagine you and your fiancée, encircled by family and friends on the bridge of The Japanese Garden. Amid the beautifully landscaped garden, you recite your vows. The step-down ponds and gently flowing waterfalls provide the perfect serene backdrop for your ceremony in this peaceful oasis.

The Courtyard

Welcome your party in a stunning outdoor oasis surrounded by pear blossom trees, lush gardens and a tranquil pond.

This magical setting is an elegant reception area where your guests can gather before stepping into the remarkable surroundings of The Georgian Ballroom.

The Georgian Ballroom

  • Seating For Up to 130 Guests with Dancing
  • This elegant, historical room is adorned with gold-gild arched 25-foot vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, gold framed 100-year-old oil paintings, and a mahogany china cabinet complete with vintage china. It is the perfect setting for a romantic wedding reception. The enchanting Courtyard is often used in conjunction with The Georgian Ballroom for your cocktail reception.

The Horseshoe Garden

  • Seating For Up to 800 Guests
  • Offered in Conjunction with: Viennese Ballroom or Huntington Ballroom
  • Your magnificent entrance down a grand stone staircase to The Horseshoe Garden begins your journey of a lifetime together. The Horseshoe Garden features a stately, perfectly manicured lawn and palm-studded slope, designed by William Hertich, the designer of The Huntington Library and Gardens. The panoramic view overlooks the San Marino Valley. The Horseshoe Gardens is one of the few Los Angeles County locations where you can enter in a horse-drawn carriage, on a horse or small elephant. It was recently the spectacular ceremony location for ABC's "The Bachelorette: Ashley and J.P.'s Wedding!"

The Viennese Ballroom

  • Seating For Up to 230 Guests with Dancing
  • The Hotel's original dining room dating back to 1914, The Viennese Ballroom is enhanced by a gold-gild 25-foot vaulted ceiling and three crystal chandeliers designed by the same atelier who crafted the chandeliers in the palace of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The Viennese Terrace adjoins The Viennese Ballroom and adds a lovely outdoor setting for your cocktail reception overlooking the pool and historic Picture Bridge. The Viennese Ballroom was recently the enchanting reception room for ABC's "The Bachelorette: Ashley and J.P.'s Wedding!"

The Huntington Ballroom

  • Seating For Up to 650 Guests with Dancing
  • The Huntington Ballroom and its timeless grandeur is a stunning setting for a luxury wedding reception. Nine crystal chandeliers adorn the 17-foot ceiling. The spacious Foyer offers warm accents such as two mahogany china cabinets and a marble entryway that provides a direct entrance from the front drive for your arriving guests and also serves as an enchanting location for your cocktail reception.

Intimate Banquet Rooms

  • Seating For Up to 50 Guests with Dancing
  • Smaller rooms are available for intimate wedding receptions of up to 50 guests with an indoor wedding ceremony. The food and beverage minimum for the smaller rooms is based upon the amount of space required, the day of the week and the amount of time required to properly service your event.