CONNECT for a better, brighter tomorrow. From our hotel, to society, to the environment, we realise that all our actions have reactions. Our CONNECT programme is our commitment to sustainable development in all the neighbourhoods we operate in. Four priorities – governance, environment, community, and colleagues – form and guide the framework of how we minimise our environmental footprint and constructively contribute to communities.

Our Responsibility

TLSYD recognises the importance of mitigating potential environmental issues to safe guard the life supporting capacity of ecosystems while at the same time ensuring that local communities are not adversely affected by the normal operation of the hotel. We are committed to refining and improving existing environmental and social policies to raise the bar of environmental consciousness and responsibility whilst ensuring legal compliance with all existing legislation sustainability and annual benchmarking.

Our Action

The hotel immerses itself in a large portfolio of initiatives that are carefully selected to ensure they are not only aligned with hotel’s commitment to the environment and the local community; with the ultimate goal to become a role model amongst hospitality operators in Sydney for environmental and social impact and awareness.

Top five key initiatives include, however not limited to:

1. Guests of the Earth program
2. EarthCheck Program
3. Loving the Earth Month including Earth Hour
4. Partnership with Make a Wish Australia
5. Partnership with Pink Hope Australia

Our Recognitions

2015 - Earthcheck Bronze Certification
2016 - Earthcheck Silver Certification
2017 - Earthcheck Silver Certification
2018 - Earthcheck Silver Certification
2019 - Earthcheck Silver Certification
2020 - Earthcheck Silver Certification
2021 - Earthcheck Silver Certification



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