How To Spa

We look forward to welcoming you to Chuan Spa—Offering an elegant and harmonious environment, it is the perfect place to soothe mind, body and spirit.


When you arrive at Chuan Spa you will be asked to complete a brief lifestyle elemental questionnaire to determine which treatments will best suit your needs. At this time please inform our Spa Concierge if you have any health concerns.

We recommend early arrival prior to your treatment to shower and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our wet facilities – Herbal Sauna, Himalayan Salt Stone Sauna, Experience Showers, Oriental Steam Room, heated relaxation loungers, Hydro-Vitality Jacuzzi and 67-foot swimming pool.

While we will always try to accommodate your treatments, late arrival may mean a reduction in your treatment time due to prior bookings.


Mobile phones, while a necessary part of modern living are not permitted in any of our treatment rooms or relaxation lounges. In all other areas, please be considerate of other guests and switch them to quiet or meeting mode.


Chuan Spa and Health Club are only appropriate for guests 18 years and older. Guests between the age of 16-18 may enjoy services with the accompanied supervision of an adult; 18 years or older.


We provide disposable undergarments for your privacy and our therapists will advise you on their usage. They should be worn during water-based treatments and massage treatments – our therapists are fully trained to drape you to protect your privacy at all times.


Please remember to drink fluids, especially water during and after your time at Chuan Spa. Most of us do not take in enough water daily. Water is the source of life.

Gentlemen should shave a few hours before any facial treatment to increase comfort.

If you enjoyed your massage, we suggest you leave the oils on your skin for up to 2 hours before taking a shower. Your skin will fully absorb the oils’ properties.

If you are pregnant or have any other condition that you feel we should be aware of, please inform our Spa Concierge and your therapist.

Our therapists are fully trained to ensure your treatments are some of the best you will experience. However, please inform them at any time if you are uncomfortable or require anything else during your treatment – massage pressure, room temperature, etc.


We recommend you leave valuables in your room or at home. We do not assume liability for any valuables.


For your convenience, an automatic charge equal to 23.5% of the cost of each treatment will be added upon check-out for distribution to the spa service staff as gratuity.


Gambling, smoking and alcohol consumption within Chuan Spa and Health Club are strictly prohibited. Please refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverage for at least 3 hours prior to your treatment.

The therapist reserves the right to terminate the treatment if he/she feels the guest’s behavior is undesirable.

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