With the mission to become a role model among local hospitality market in terms of environmental protection and sustainability, our hotel has built a strong and long term relationship with our neighbours to ensure we share the same commitment to both the environment and local communities.

Key Partnerships(include but not limit to)

  1. Handpicked Love Foundation
  2. Shenzhen Yuanfen Community
  3. Shenzhen Blind Association

Partner with Handpick Love Foundation Charity

Since the opening of The Langham, Shenzhen, cooperated with Handpick Love Foundation a various activities had been organized successfully, which coved art, children and environment, such as Compose Music Dream Project and Spread Out the Love Postcards Project for the children from poor families, care CHD(Congenital Heart Disease) children and 2nd Hand Goods Charity Auction.

Partner with Migrant’s Children from Yuanfen Community

The Langham, Shenzhen have always focused on self-development of migrant’s children. In the first half of each year, paired with our employee migrant’s children from Yuanfen Community will conveyed their goals and humble wishes and dreams. In the second half of each year the children should show their achievement and win their gift. Not only that, in order to for the children can to learn the knowledge from each activity, 7-steps hand washing, table manner, fire safety knowledge and handmade course had been conducted for them.

Partner with Shenzhen Blind Association

Be supported by Shenzhen Blind Association, The Langham, Shenzhen organize a regular activity to recycle the paper generated from the hotel, which will be cut in A4 paper size carefully and mailed to the many poor areas for blind persons write Braille. 

Colleagues Volunteering

In the common efforts of our community partners, The Langham, Shenzhen could contribute at least six hundred hours of volunteer service each year to give back to the environment and local community. We participate in Earth Hour to raise the environmental awareness of our guests and colleagues, and we also partner with local charities in regards to charity auction, migrant’s children development program, care program for CHD children from poor families, and so on.